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An Often-Underused Space May Be the Solution to Your Storage Problem

An Often-Underused Space May Be the Solution to Your Storage Problem

By Keith Flakne

For many homeowners, storage, or lack of storage, is a persistent problem. Are the closets in your home large enough to store clothing for all four seasons? Does the basement get damp in the summer, thus limiting which items should be stored there? Was the house built with attic storage in mind? (Most homes built today do not). The solution for this may lie in the largest room in your house—the garage.

At first thought for many of us, the garage is for parking our cars, storing the lawn mower and snow blower, and hanging a few rakes and snow shovels on the wall. But a closer look shows that this area has a great deal more potential.

Overhead storage (a metal rack attached to the ceiling joists) is a great way to store seasonal items like holiday decorations or items used on the patio or around the pool during the summer. Because these racks are attached directly to the joists they often hold a great deal of weight, allowing for bins full of clothing to be stacked on top of each other.

Look at the amount of room on the garage walls. Certainly there is room for more than a couple of nails holding a rake or shovel. Cabinets, shelving, baskets, hooks, racks, and even work benches can be attached to the walls to maximize storage to keep everything organized. Also, having items stored off of the garage floor makes for a safer and cleaner garage.

The garage is the largest room in your home, often accounting for 20% of the overall square footage. An efficient use of this space will go a long way to solving any storage problems that you may have.

We offer a full room solution with proprietary garage storage options from ceiling to floor. Our dedication is to both service and the products we deliver. Our experienced design consultants will work directly with you to determine the perfect solution to organize the largest room in your home.

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